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Orto-Med is a modern Medical and Rehabilitation Centre specialising in holistic post injury rehabilitation and quality of life guidance for a wide cross section of society: competing athletes, fitness enthusiasts, the elderly, adults, youth and children.

Our Mission

Our main aim is the full recovery of all patients after any injury or accident.

Diagnostic and individual help

Each stage of care is monitored and the results of therapy assessed and adjusted. We holistically evaluate the effect of therapy on the individual patient, address chronic pain and improve general quality of life. The latest equipment allows us to effectively fight pain and achieve better results.

Our services

Najlepiej wyposażone centrum rehabilitacyjne w Małopolsce

Our methods:

  • individual therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • sonotherapy
  • cryotherapy
  • magnotherapy (magnet therapy)

Our services for You

Our doctors and physiotherapist use modern equipment and methods

Benefit from our services

Make an appointment by phone +48 12 422 13 80 or register your details online.